Welcome to Family & Child Mental Health Services
Life is like riding a bicycle. It can be so much fun if you do it right. Sometimes for long stretches you have smooth roads and you have it easy. When it is steep uphill you feel out of breath and fatigued. Yet you can get off the bike, take rest and pedal again. You have the freedom to choose your path. Changing your course midway is difficult, but not impossible. But if your bicycle malfunctions, you just have to get it fixed.

As understanding of neuro-chemical basis of mental faculties emerge so do new treatment modalities for various mental disorders. Research shows that psychotherapy in conjunction with medications improves outcomes for the patients. Proper use of pharmacotherapy improves neuropsychological processes so that effective learning can occur in a therapeutic milieu. Only a trained clinician can monitor the benefits and side-effects of medications. Regular visits with a psychiatrist or nurse-practitioner are essential to achieve maximum benefit with appropriate doses of medications.

At Family & Child Mental Health Services we are committed to helping our patients develop both a healthy body and healthy mind.